As a scholar of Mediterranean art, I teach students about medieval and contemporary Sicily and southern Italy. I introduce students to primary medieval sources, both visual and textual, as well as to contemporary political and cultural heritage issues that affect medieval sites.

For example, in “Art and Patronage in Medieval Sicily and Southern Italy” students confront large art historical questions, particularly, “What is Italian art?”, “What is a canon?”, and “Why is the distinction between ‘southern’ and ‘northern’ art made?” Since we focus on a relatively small region, we repeatedly tilt our perspective using a variety of tools and disciplines, such as material studies, gender studies, economics, and archaeology.

Courses in preparation:

Art of the Norman Kingdoms, Preserving the Neighborhood: Local Activism & Cultural Heritage Preservation, Art and Architecture of the Medieval Mediterranean, Gazing Upward: Painted Ceilings in the Middle Ages and Renaissance.



‘Christ crowning King Roger II’, mosaic commissioned by George of Antioch for Sta. Maria dell’Ammiraglio (La Martorana), Palermo, founded 1143. Photo: K. Streahle.


Detail of Roger’s red shoe contrasted by gold foil tesserae (full details above). Photo: K. Streahle